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Amit K. Singh

Biomechanics and Environmental Physics


Research Interests & Experience

I strive to understand relationships of biological form and function by applying engineering solutions and physical principles. I am interested in developing my research as an assemblage of biology, physics and applied mathematics with a combination of experimental methods, comparative approaches and theoretical development. I am most interested in Bio-informed engineering driven by observation, curiosity and a keen inclination towards developing novel methods to aid in decipher physical and evolutionary principles of organisms.

Like unto each the form, yet none alike;

And so the choir hints a secret law

A scared mystery. Ah love. could I vouchsafe

In sweet felicity a simple answer.


~J.W Goethe

Mechanics of Formation and Diversity of

Leaf Shapes



Biomechanics of Insect Flight

and Underneath the Silky wings of smallest insects there is stirred A pulse of air that must be heard; Nature's silence lives and throbs and sings.

~ G.P Lathrop (adapted)


Functional mechanics and evolution of

form and shapes in nature

ánd thousands of fishes moved as a huge beast, piercing the water. They appeared united, inexorably bound to a

common fate. How come this unity ?

~ 17th century proverb on fish hinting

self organization


4 Dimensional Micro - optics and Applications

Nature has but one plan of operation, invariably the same in the smallest things as well as in the largest, Observation by means of the microscope will reveal more wonderful things than those viewed in regard to mere structure

- M Malpighi (adapted)

The most diverse and complicated movements of plant organs, occure in response to variation of external conditions, primarily ascribed to change in turgor

~ J.C Bose (adapted)

Physics and Evolution of Plant Movements


Thermal imaging and ecophysiological methods

High speed Imaging techniques and Biomechanical analysis


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